‎”You’re not the same as you were before…You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.” — Mad Hatter

I heard from Dr. WK this morning.

I don’t have the detailed test results from him yet, but here is the heart of what he said in his e-mail:

“Hi Maddy:

Yes, I looked at your specimens. You both are positive. This is in line with all the findings I was explaining to you during the office visit. I am however troubled with my recommendations. There is no question in my mind that it is antibiotic therapy that you would need if there is any chance of reversing a long ongoing process. I have to balance general health and reproductive issues of your infection against a complete failure in terms of reproduction. Also, there are changes in your husband’s prostate that are related to a chronic infection and most likely will progress with time. The worst of it all is however that nothing I am practicing or talking about above is in any of the urology or gyn text books. I have plenty of individual cases showing benefits of my antibiotic therapy without a systemic study backing me. Having said all that, I propose the following: since the number of eggs in the ovary are finite and once they are gone not only your reproduction is finished  but you are losing your female hormones supporting bones, muscles, emotions, all that is female in you. If you are willing to gamble on my therapy, let us start with you ASAP. If there is one more healthy egg anywhere in your ovaries we should try saving it. The prostate can wait until you show benefits from the therapy. I would need you here for ten days. Intravenous therapy would be combined with daily uterine washes. Sounds invasive, but it works. We can talk on the phone about the details Wednesday.

Dr. WK”

I am not surprised at this news. After all, I went to the expense of getting us tested because my intuition told me this is what is wrong. So what does this mean?

1) My premature ovarian failure is NOT as I have been told by most doctors and books and websites – it’s not just “the way it is”. My particular case is caused by infection, and *may* be reversed by this treatment, hopefully giving me one last shot at having a baby, but very likely helping me to restore my health so that “all that is female in” me can be preserved for a while longer.

2) I have always known and felt that time is of the essence, but this certainly brings that home. I don’t have 6 months to save up the money. I have to do this “ASAP”. So much so that he wants to treat me before my husband. I get this, but I just don’t know if we have the funds/credit available to us to do it so soon (ideally I would like to go Nov. 21st or thereabouts. I’m so anxious about this. If only we had all those thousands of dollars we spent on all those drugs I injected in my stomach trying to do IVF 5 times (which probably also did much more damage to my system). I should know this week from my conversations with Dr. WK and Mr. H (a) what the exact cost is (probably around $10,000-$15,000) and (b) whether we are going to move forward with it.

3) If we can get the money together and get us both treated by January, this means we will likely be able to start trying in the spring….and, all going well, I could be pregnant by my 42nd birthday….That’s the fantasy, anyway. The bare minimum hope is that we are both much healthier….much “muchier”. And the worst-case scenario is that we just can’t afford it and it never happens (or happens too late for my eggs).

Stay tuned. (And be safe if you are in the path of the storm.)


7 thoughts on “‎”You’re not the same as you were before…You were much more… muchier… you’ve lost your muchness.” — Mad Hatter

  1. Maddy I’m thinking positive thoughts for you and hoping you can in fact go for treatments in the next month. This seems to be really for the first time a doctor that wants to help you with one major problem which is linked to your infertility. He seems completely honest and not giving false hopes which is great. I’m glad also Mr. H’s issue is not as urgent. Go save those precious eggs my dear, I’ll be sending a ton of positive thoughts. Fran

  2. Wow – that is a mind-blowing possibility that a long term infection has been causing the issues all this time. I don’t think the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of medical data backing up the idea is even an issue – my husband was one of the first to get a certain combo of drugs to treat his prostatitis (I told him he’s probably written up in a medical journal somewhere) and advances in medical knowledge always start with a few docs willing to stop going “by the book.” I hope you can do the treatments very soon.

    I’ll be following along with your journey – and hoping that this is the thing that will finally work for you!

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