Of all the strange things that Alice saw in her journey Through The Looking-Glass, this was the one that she always remembered most clearly.

Of all the strange things that Alice saw in her journey Through The Looking-Glass, this was the one that she always remembered most clearly. Years afterwards she could bring the whole scene back again, as if it had been only yesterday — the mild blue eyes and kindly smile of the Knight — the setting sun gleaming through his hair, and shining on his armour in a blaze of light that quite dazzled her — the horse quietly moving about, with the reins hanging loose on his neck, cropping the grass at her feet — and the black shadows of the forest behind — all this she took in like a picture, as, with one hand shading her eyes, she leant against a green, watching the strange pair, and listening, in a half dream, to the melancholy music of the song.

What a strange time this is for me.
I am now home, but not settled.
I found the treatment quite trying, both physically and emotionally. But I loved Dr. White Knight – he is so caring, and knowledgable, and very brave to do the work he does. So are his patients. His staff is very kind, also – I felt very taken care of throughout my time there.
My head is a muddle of things right now….relieved to have this part done, anxious about the next steps, ecstatic to have found the solution to my infertility, terrified that I may have found it too late, angry and sad that this has been my fate…very emotional and trying to make sense of it all.
Here are some tidbits to share:
  • Upon the advice of another patient, I ate a few leaves of cilantro each day (it has been shown in studies to help break down metals in the body that the bacteria can hide behind)
  • I elected not to take probiotics at all throughout – although Dr. WK said they wouldn’t harm nor help, and I could take them if I wanted, I just didn’t want to take a chance – actually, I ate plain yogurt one day and that day was the day I felt most nauseous, interestingly
  • Even though I felt crummy some days (especially post D&C), I did and do feel an overall light, energetic feeling….I used to think that heavy feeling/fatigue I always had was due to my under active thyroid, but I am learning it was due to my infection – Dr. WK has treated patients who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has seen wonderful results
  • Something else I noticed was the joint pain in my elbows and hips disappeared very soon after I started the treatment (the bacteria can begin to attack the joints, causing rheumatoid arthritis – this is, sadly, what my mother suffered from – Dr. WK told me about a woman who could not stand up straight due to her arthritis and was absolutely fine post-treatment).
  • Dr. WK and I noticed an increase in my CM post-D&C (aside from the usual discharge associated with the D&C)…and on Thursday I had some breast tenderness, so he took a peek at my ovaries – the left was quiet and there were a few follicles on the right, but none had been selected. The CM is a good sign that my ovaries are producing estrogen – the hope is that things will start to kick in and I will begin cycling again. That is, if we are not too late. I have had a lot of hot flashes throughout the therapy, which I have found very upsetting. It appears to be just a side effect of the antibiotics, but it’s not fun at all. Especially since we just don’t know which way this is going to go right now.
  • Immediate next steps: I have to drive across the border this week to pick up a prescription for 2 kinds of oral antibiotics I need to start taking next week, once the IV antibiotic is out of my system. I will take the oral ones for 4 weeks to ensure we catch any “stragglers” post-treatment. No intercourse for 4 weeks to allow my cervix to heal after the D&C. After that, condoms only until my husband is treated (which I am hoping will take place in January – that’s another mountain to climb. Um, what else? I have to get in to see Dr. Click Clack this week to tell her what’s going on and  request requisitions for CD3 bloodwork. All going well I will start a spontaneous period and then Dr. WK can start monitoring my FSH, E2, and LH levels from a distance. We will then get further direction on oral antibiotic therapy for both of us and when to start trying again after hubby’s treatment. All going poorly I will not get a period in the next 4 weeks and I will go for a hormone panel anyway and get confirmation that we missed the boat and I am menopausal. We will then discuss hormone replacement therapy and calcium and bone density testing.

The 4-Week Wait begins.

And I am petrified.


7 thoughts on “Of all the strange things that Alice saw in her journey Through The Looking-Glass, this was the one that she always remembered most clearly.

  1. I am so impressed with your fortitude and resilience through these, as you said, physically and emotionally difficult treatments. I’m so hoping the best things for you. Sending many prayers and blessings. Love, Kristina p.s. I love the quotes you use at the beginning of your posts.

    Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 03:46:43 +0000 To: kristinabridget@hotmail.com

  2. Glad you are home! 🙂 Don’t worry about the hot flashes – I used to get them now and again, and no way was I in menopause – I think it was just my body raising my temp to fight a stubborn infection. Pro-biotics when you are done your last antibiotics sounds like a really good plan though – you want the friendlies to colonise… try fermenting your own sauerkraut, or buy ‘Bubies’. 🙂

  3. Glad that you are home and wishing you much luck in getting Mr. Hatter treated– would his treatment also be an entire week of drugs? Hoping that your period comes in a few weeks and you can move forward towards your take home baby!

  4. This part is now done, the harshest treatment is behind you and you can look forward to a healthier future! I’m going to be glued to your blog to see how your day 3 tests come back, i’m feeling so so hopeful for you! I know there is still a lot to be done, but look how far you have come already! Much love, fran

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