‘Curiosity often leads to trouble.’

A new year.

8 more days of oral antibiotics left.

12 days since Dr. WK said, “In 14 days I hope you will get your period.”

The curiosity and anticipation are killing me.

The past couple of days have brought with them some lower back pain and breast tenderness (you know the kind where you feel like someone is clamping down on your nipples and not letting go?). And I am feeling a little more tired than usual (my energy has been much better overall since having the treatment).

And…another observation which shows my hormones are moving in the right direction…my cervical mucous has increased (along with my libido) over the past few weeks. Four weeks post D&C we were allowed to have intercourse again (with condoms, of course), and it felt so much better for me…like night and day! (Before I would have pain and some burning – obviously due to the dryness.)

That Dr. WK is no joke – he knows what he’s doing.

(This, of course, does not mean I will get my period or that I have any eggs left or that I have any viable eggs left, but they are very good signs!!!)


6 thoughts on “‘Curiosity often leads to trouble.’

  1. My fingers are firmly crossed for you. This all sounds so great. I am very intrigued by this Dr WK, would you be able to send me some further information? I wonder if I should look into treatment before any more IVF cycles. We’re severe male factor but I also rarely ovulate and when I do it’s inadequate!

  2. Dear Maddy,
    so lovely to hear you are feeling daylight after feeling dark.
    2013 is going to be a special year, I hope as much for you as for me!
    I know we don’t get any guarantees, but life is also now, today. And if today is a good day, then life is good.
    (just the clamping feeling sounds horrible! hope it will pass just the way WK predicted)

  3. Maddy! My dear friend! A while back your blog went private or something and it kept forbidding me form leaving you comments. I thought you wanted your privacy. However, you were always kind enough though to periodically leave comments on my blog. Then, of course, I got busy and now I hardly know where my own head is these days. You commented again on my blog and I decided to try you again. And here you are!!! I don’t know how or why I can again comment here, but I’m glad I can and will be excited to follow you again and find out what is going on. It looks like things are currently headed in the right direction. As always, I have my heart and fingers crossed for you (you know what I mean) and pray that your dreams will come true. Happy New Year, my friend.

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