`No, I give it up,’ Alice replied: `what’s the answer?’

3 more days of antibiotics left.

18 days since Dr. WK said he hoped I would get AF in 14 days.

Slowly going crazy, oscillating between these thoughts:

It’s over. No more eggs. We were too late. I’m done and I have to accept it.

But Energy Man said my ovaries felt like those of a woman before she gets pregnant. Surely he knows the difference between menopausal ovaries and pre-pregnant ovaries?

Was that a hot flash? Or is it just hot in here? No, definitely a hot flash. That’s not good.

And yet….Dinah said she didn’t get AF at all, and a few months after treatment she STILL managed to get pregnant.

Hmmm….cramps, sensitive to cold and to pain, extra tired and, as Mr. H will attest, quite ornery this weekend.

And even if I get my period, it doesn’t mean my eggs are viable, but it’s better than not getting my period.


And, on a different note, but something else that’s making me crazy…I have had sharp pain when I walk on the ball and toes of my left foot for the past 3 weeks straight. I think maybe it’s from one evening of wearing uncomfortable high heels….cannot seem to shake it. Has this happened to any of you? If so, what did you do to get rid of it? (I rest as much as I can, and I’ve been wearing flat shoes, but I have to walk the dog every day, so I can’t completely rest it….)


6 thoughts on “`No, I give it up,’ Alice replied: `what’s the answer?’

  1. So Sorry to hear AF didn’t keep to the WK prediction…
    Very weird that your left foot is being a pain for 3 weeks straight. I suppose you already double checked for a splinter? Hope that the lengthening of the days will give you hope and inspiration.

  2. Thanks Valery….I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday morning to get it looked at – I’m afraid it might be a neuroma or something like that, which would require a referral to a podiatrist. Talk about starting off 2013 on the wrong foot!

  3. Sorry AF didn’t come yet. 😦
    I’ve had a cracked heel before, but not sure about the ball of the foot pain. Sounds awful, tho. You never realize how much you take walking for granted until it hurts, so I hope it’s nothing serious and clears up soon!

  4. My dear friend, I’m so sorry AF has not showed up on time, this doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon! I do know how hard it is to keep hoping, but we are here doing it for you when you are feeling blue (also a sign AF may be on her way!). No idea about the foot pain, I suspect one day it will just disappear! Much love, Fran

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