Mission Follicles: Day 5

SUPPLEMENTS: 5 shots wheatgrass, 1 prenatal, 400 mg CoQ10, 400 mg Ubiquinol, 150 mg R-Lipoic Acid, 1000 IU Vitamin D, 200 mcg Selenium, 240 mg Vitex, 500 mg fish oil, probiotic, 2 Chinese Herb blends in pill form (TIAO JING BU XUE WAN and GUI SHAO DI HUANG WAN), t tbsp of royal jelly in honey

GOOD FOOD: 2 soft-boiled eggs, frozen wild blueberries, full fat organic plain yogurt, an apple, a plum tomato, spinach

WATER INTAKE: Approx. 30 oz + counting

EXERCISE: 60 minutes dogwalking

SELF-CARE: Morning coffee, mani/pedi with a girlfriend, chai soy latte

OBSERVATIONS: I had nightmares last night…in one, Mr. H and I were in a car and we were speeding into the back of the car in front of us – I was driving and trying to slam on the brakes, but they wouldn’t work. I woke up on impact. I forget the other nightmares, but I know there were more. I’m considering going back on my low-dose naltrexone – perhaps it will help me sleep (I stopped taking it in September prior to heading to see Dr. WK for a consult). Either that or take melatonin again…I need to sleep better. There’s a lot of stress in our household right now – this is not helping. Otherwise, I’m still having the odd hot flash, my CM is still clear, we had intercourse for the first time since Mr. H’s treatment today (protected, of course) and his semen appears to have some blood in it – I checked the discussion board re: Dr. WK and other men have reported the same side effect, so I think it’s normal. E-mailed Dr. WK just in case. I am hoping Mr. H will start his oral antibiotics within the next couple of days. I can’t wait to put this whole chapter behind us.


One thought on “Mission Follicles: Day 5

  1. Oh, and I also wanted to say – YAY EGGS! My midwife says they are pg superfoods. Have you tried the Burnbrae fancy (free run I think?) ones? The yolks are SUPER good (they are orange and TASTY). Also, hippies love you to eat (raw) yolks. Yum.

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