Mission Follicles: Day 7

SUPPLEMENTS: 5 shots wheatgrass, 1 prenatal, 400 mg CoQ10, 400 mg Ubiquinol, 150 mg R-Lipoic Acid, 1000 IU Vitamin D, 200 mcg Selenium, 240 mg Vitex, 500 mg fish oil, probiotic, 2 Chinese Herb blends in pill form (TIAO JING BU XUE WAN and GUI SHAO DI HUANG WAN)

GOOD FOOD: black soy beans, 2 scrambled eggs, plain Greek yogurt, baby carrots, cucumber, roasted garlic hummus, sauerkraut, roasted seaweed, vegetable broth, celery, miso soup, wakame salad, avocado, almonds

WATER INTAKE: Approx. 35 oz + counting

EXERCISE: Unfortunately there was no dog walking in my day today – Puppydog is not doing well and we have an appointment with the vet tomorrow (yes, the last thing I need right now). Instead of dog walking, I spent the day cleaning and organizing the house (which desperately needed it), so I carried furniture up and down stairs and spent all day moving, basically.

SELF-CARE: Morning coffee (I know I need to start reducing this treat – I am slowly wrapping my head around that idea), ordering in Japanese for dinner

OBSERVATIONS: No CM to speak of. Feeling odd…like I’m on the verge of bawling or screaming or having a panic attack or something…and I feel an increase in my libido…maybe hormones???

I did receive a bit of good news today – another high FSH over 40 woman responded to a post I made on the forum re: having no follicles. She said that she has had 2 months that she’s aware of in the past year with no follicles and recently she had one month with 1 follicle and another month with 3 follicles. So there! Proof that it DOES happen! She mentioned that she takes melatonin, so I will start that again before I go to sleep tonight. She also has been taking estrogen and progesterone…Yu Ming and I discussed this at my last appointment – Yu Ming feels (and I agree with her) it is ideal to provide the body with the raw materials with which it can manufacture hormones itself (which is what the Chinese herbs are meant to do) rather than take the hormones directly. I am going to see how the next couple of months go on the herbs before I consider taking hormones again (some of you will remember, I’ve taken DHEA, estrogen and progesterone over the past few years).

I keep trying to remind myself that I have a clean slate now – that all the things I tried in the past were bound not to work because my body was compromised by the bacteria. Those 5 cycles of injections and attempts at IVF, the 6 months that I spent on a strict Traditional Chinese Medicine diet and herbs with acupuncture twice a week, all those IUIs….it was like putting lipstick on a pig. Nothing was going to help me conceive. But now…now I am infection-free (knock on wood) and all I need to do is choose foods and supplements that will support my endocrine and immune systems and choose activities that will help me to make my body and spirit strong…and I should conceive. I will conceive. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mission Follicles: Day 7

  1. Maddy know that I’m religiously reading your daily posts (I get an email when you post one!) so even I don’t comment on every single one I’m checking on you!
    Poor Puppy dog, I hope it’s nothing serious!
    One thing I meant to ask you, are you sure that 2 eggs every day is a good thing to do? I think I would suggest diversifying your protein intake unless you have been told otherwise.
    Also, have you consider enriching your diet with soy? It is well known that it contains phyto-oestrogen which looks remarkably similar to the real deal. Though I understand your point in just providing the raw material, it may be that the receptors needs to be reactivated after all the treatments (it’s a circle!).
    Finally I would LOVE for us to live near and do the mindfulness course together!!
    Much love, Fran

  2. Great job on the nutrition and self care! I like what you said about providing your body with the raw materials to make the necessary hormones. I wanted to share that I’m taking Melatonin and like it. I think in part they recommend it as part of the CCRM cocktail because it counters another supplement which tends to affect sleep (maybe DHEA)? But if your sleep schedule is not exactly aligned with hours of darkness, I think it’s helpful that way too.

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