Mission Follicles: Day 9

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post for a public service announcement on eggs! 🙂

There is a lot of info out there on the importance of eggs to a fertility diet, but here are a couple of excerpts:

From http://nourishingourchildren.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/nourish-your-body-for-fertility/:

A little note about eggs: In Chinese Medicine, eggs are considered a strong fertility boosting food. In Chinese Medicine we believe in eating certain foods to promote specific functions (some people call this principle, “like to treat like”). With this idea in mind, eggs are recommended to boost a woman’s egg health. Women are encouraged to eat eggs including chicken eggs, duck eggs, as well as fish eggs (roe and caviar). 

From acupuncturist Lindsay Staker, eggs are one of top 5 foods to boost fertility: http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1448613/lindsay_staker.html:

Eggs, especially the yolk, are rich in nutrients that support healthy fertility. Egg yolks contain omega-3 fatty acids, choline and vitamins A and E. Choline, a water-soluble B vitamin, may be particularly important since it can help promote the healthy nervous system development of your growing baby during pregnancy. Adequate choline before and during pregnancy can also enhance fetal brain and tooth development. From a Chinese medicine perspective and the treatment philosophy of using “like to treat like,” eggs can also provide the nutrients necessary to help improve the health of your own eggs.

I have much to tell you today, but first my daily report:

SUPPLEMENTS: 5 shots wheatgrass, 1 prenatal, 400 mg CoQ10, 400 mg Ubiquinol, 150 mg R-Lipoic Acid, 1000 IU Vitamin D, 200 mcg Selenium, 240 mg Vitex, 500 mg fish oil, probiotic, 2 Chinese Herb blends in pill form (TIAO JING BU XUE WAN and GUI SHAO DI HUANG WAN), 1 tbsp flaxseed oil, 1 packet of Immunocal (this is a whey protein supplement that my naturopath, Dr. Turtle, suggested for me, and I still have some left), 1 melatonin

GOOD FOOD: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and black soy beans, plain Greek yogurt, 2 clementines, live raw ‘teriyaki vibe kelp noodle salad’ (contains kelp noodles, broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, sprouts, mixed seeds, sesame seeds, lemon juice, agave, apple cider vinegar, wheat-free tamari, garlic, ginger, almonds, cayenne), green tea, goji berries, green salad with cucumber, cranberry juice, sauerkraut (they were out of Bubbies at Whole Foods so I had to get a different kind – not as good as Bubbies! Booooo!), Queen Bee Balance tea (contains raspberry leaf, rose petals, alfalfa, spearmint, chaste tree berry, dandelion leaf, cranberry spice, vanilla)

(I am noticing that this method of just increasing/adding really healthy foods and not prohibiting the bad foods is really working for me – I am naturally just eating more and more healthy foods and most days they are crowding out the bad foods. And I am craving junk food and sweets less and less.)

WATER INTAKE: Approx. 40 oz + counting

EXERCISE: 45 minutes dogwalking, 30-minute workout at home with dvd (a little cardio and stretching and free weights) I contacted a personal trainer today to schedule a free assessment at my gym to see what they might be able to offer me…just need to confirm!

SELF-CARE: Morning coffee, blowout, polish change, met a girlfriend for dinner

OBSERVATIONS: Good energy. A big showing of yellow CM. And feeling a *little* itchy. Tongue starting to look better.

I think the most exciting news to report is that I got my test results from Dr. WK today…he had the swabs he took from me tested in a separate lab as well as his lab and they both came back negative! Yay! The bacteria has been beaten! 🙂 I asked him what he thinks might be causing the yellow mucus. He wrote back, “I think your protecting hormone the estrogen is lower in your tissues, so the natural flora (lactobacillus) is gradually replaced by other bacteria. It will take some time for a new equilibrium to establish itself. Stay in touch and let me know how things evolve.”

Hmmm….so what to do with this? I am already taking a probiotic specifically for vaginal support. I am eating either plain yogurt or sauerkraut or both every day. Any other suggestions out there for what I can do to assist my body?

I had a strange dream last night. I told my husband I wanted a divorce, and then caught him sleeping with an old, grey-haired woman in order to make a baby. The old, grey-haired woman was fertile but I was not. I’m having trouble making sense of it…I felt better when I woke up, but I don’t know why. Is it that a part of me is letting go of having a family with my husband? I admit some days I do let go, and start to think maybe I don’t want to raise a child anymore…that I’m too old now. Other days I want it so desperately I cry. Generally, though, I think I am just okay with leaving it to the universe…I want to be healthy, I want my cycle back, I want to be strong, I want my hormones balanced – these are the little goals.

The big goal with take care of itself.


5 thoughts on “Mission Follicles: Day 9

  1. I’m totally with you on the eating good foods thing. As you know, I am sticking to the endo diet at the moment & I was hoping to lose weight as a result. After a strict talking to from my acupuncturist I have decided to tone up rather than lose weight & instead of craving chocolate I have found myself really enjoying every bit of good food I eat & I feel it’s all helping to get my body to where it needs to be. I’m going to up my egg intake now too. Xxx

  2. Is he thinking you have a bacterial infection because of the antibiotics? If so I have been bathing with ebson salts and a few drops of teatree oil and taking evening primrose oil and haven’t had a problem since.

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