Mission Follicles: Day 23

SUPPLEMENTS: 5 shots wheatgrass, 1 prenatal, 400 mg CoQ10, 400 mg Ubiquinol, 150 mg R-Lipoic Acid, 1000 IU Vitamin D, 200 mcg Selenium, 160 mg Vitex, 500 mg fish oil, probiotic, 1 Chinese Herb blend in pill form (San Huang Pian), 1 melatonin

GOOD FOOD: 2 eggs (in french toast, but still…), 2 cups fresh carrot/apple juice, green leaf lettuce, roast chicken, roasted seaweed, plain organic yogurt, multi-v lemonade vitamin water (not sure if this is good or not…?)

WATER INTAKE: Not enough today 😦

EXERCISE: 110 minutes dogwalking, 60 minutes yoga

SELF-CARE: Morning coffee, afternoon tea, watching Grey’s Anatomy and eating junk food, daily meditation with Deepak Chopra

OBSERVATIONS: Generally good. Crampy. Craving sweets and salt. Tongue still looks good. Sleepy in evening. Neck and back still stiff and painful.

Today’s meditation was about how our emotions can influence our body…something I think I buy into, but then I have a hard time with because when I think of my infertility and everyone else whose blog/forum posts I have read, I just can’t accept that we just all had negative thoughts which led to negative betas, you know?


4 thoughts on “Mission Follicles: Day 23

  1. Influence is not the same thing as dictate either, so while I can buy that there’s influence, I do not thing that you are to blame (nor am I to blame) for the fact that there’s something wonky with my body. So yes, I can buy that emotions influence things, but I also know that LOTS of other things might have more powerful influence. Just my 2 cents.

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